Can We Customize the Subject Line in Confirmation Email?

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Is it possible to customize the automated email that is sent when a booking is made online? I see that I can add text to the email that is generated but I need to remove the CONFIRMED part as our appointments must be accepted before they are truly confirmed. I would like to make it more like "Your Appointment Request has Been Submitted"? 

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I have the same issue. There should be an function where the automatic confirmation email was first sent when manually approwed. I cant find a solution to add manually approwing apointments. I work in a prison and is now working to make an reservation site for visitors. As the prison does not allow people who are not approwed into the prison there shoud be a manuall controll by the staff before confirming the appointment.... Seems to be hard to use Bookings for this... @CBujak 

@StigTorgersen @CBujak 


Same issue here .. when a customer makes a booking it's provisional until we can check and confrim everything therefore having the original email having "Confirmation" is totally mis-leading. We need to be able to change this.


@DerekPapworth  Were you ever able to get an answer to this ?

Thanks in advance


@Luis Rodrigues  we have not been able to but I must admit we have not tried again lately. 

@Luis_Rodrigues - no haven't done although as with @CBujak I haven't tried recently