Can't stop getting notifications for bookings

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I have been testing Bookings for our company . I have an admin account I helped create a page for her, and then deleted myself from the calendar. However, I am still getting notifications for every booking on that calendar. I have had a look, and my name doesn't appear anywhere on the calendar page. Why am I still getting notifications? How can I stop this? 




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We're having similar issues with our Bookings calendars. Staff who helped establish the calendars have seen a huge increase in notifications. We've turned off "Notify business by email..." and the business email is blank. Yet the messages are coming into our corporate email inboxes.

Some of my colleagues are also having the same issue.
I'm replying to this thread in hope of receiving a solution from MS.

We are having the same issue and it is compounded by the fact that we are getting mail delivery errors. The users we have assigned to the calendar are virtual with dummy email addresses to replicate existing processes.
Did you ever find a solution to this? Experiencing the same issues...