Can't start slots at 9.30

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Hello. It seems no matter what I try, I cannot get our bookings slots to start at 9.30 (and 1.30, basically we have two available 3.5 hour slots with a 30 minute buffer after the 9.30 slot finishes at 1.00)... I've tried setting our office hours to 9.30... nothing... I can only get it to be 9.00 or 10.00. Our room bookings start at 9.30 so this is a requirement.... am I missing something please??? 





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Hi Michael,


Thanks for your question.

I think I know what the issue is. You are probably setting the 30 mins buffer time before the service, this means your 9am service won't start until 9.30 because you open at 9 and need 30 misn to set up. 


Two things might help your issue:


1. Set your opening/working hours to start at 8.30am

2. Set up two different services, the 9.30am and the 1.00pm with no buffer time.


Hope this helps!