Can't save updates

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Hi all,


Since last Saturday I have been experiencing problems with the backend of the bookings tool when I want to add an appointment, update an employee or update a service.

In all cases it is possible to enter changes, but nothing happens when I press the "Save Changes" button. The modification window remains open and no error message appears.

Is there anyone who has also had this problem, or maybe even solved it already?

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Yes Same issue on my side, I trying to block a service for couple of weeks and I cannot safe, I even try other service and other booking page and they have the same behavior.

I saw another post with similar issue on Feb 21 so look like we are not alone but no resolution yet or comment from Microsoft.
Thanks for your answer. Sad to hear that you are experiencing the same problems.
Let's hope someone from Microsoft notices this problem or anyone else here has a solution.
We are experiencing the same issues too. In the last few weeks, Bookings has been having multiple issues. Our users are having a better experience using Bookings in Teams rather than the web version. Microsoft Bookings team needs to provide an update on what might be happening. According to the Service Health, Bookings is healthy. :) but is not the case.