Can't Delete Staff from Microsoft Bookings

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We have some people who have left the company but are still listed under Bookings, and no matter what I do, the "Delete Staff" button just doesn't seem to do anything.  How do we actually remove someone from the staff list?  It seems I can Add staff but it won't let me Delete.  I am a global administrator, so not sure if there's some other specific permission I need or if this is a glitch.

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Are you listed as the admin on the Bookings calendar from where you are deleting these staffs?



Hello, I have the same problem and all my colleagues as well. I am Administrator. The same problem occurs if I want to change a service. I would like to change some information and the saving button is useless... In fact we can´t work with bookings anymore and this is a great problem for us :( Thank you in advance

Unfortunately It is not possible to add new staff as well