Can I receive notifications of other people's bookings?

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I am having difficulty with the following scenario: My company employs 3 business coaches and all have their own bookings page. I provide data and resources for the coaching calls that have been booked, so I need an email notification and an entry in my Outlook calendar to plan my workload.


One of the coaches added me as a staff member on her bookings page, this did send me an email and add a booking to my calendar. However, it then allows people to book based on my availability as well as the coach, this can't happen. I was also then prompted to join the call that was booked, which I don't want.


Is there a way for me to get notifications of the coach's bookings without it affecting their calendar or a client being able to see me as a staff member?


Thank you

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Two possible ideas on this:

  1. If the individual coaches were to use your email address as the Business email address for 'Send customer replies to' under their Settings>'Business Information'>'Basic details' on Bookings and set their service(s) to 'Notify the business via email when a booking is created or changed' then they you would get an email notification for each booking or cancellation. This might create a lot of email for you.
  2. Another option might be to use Power Automate to create a flow that generates an email with the booking details each time an event is added to the individual coaches' Booking Calendars. The tricky part of this process is getting the Calendar ID for the Booking Calendar so that you can use it in the Outlook 'When a new event is created' trigger or have the calendar show up in the drop down list. You can do this by using Outlook Web to Open another mailbox using the group email address for the calendar then sharing the calendar with your email address. You will need to be have the 'Administrator' role on their Bookings Calendar to make this happen.

Finally, it might be easier if the coaches were all part of the same Bookings calendar with a service for each member with them assigned as the only staff member. You could serve as the business contact using Option 1 above and they could each be 'Team member' role able to control their bookings.

@millerblair Thanks very much for a prompt answer. I'll give all of those options and see what works best

@sam_w965 Did you ever find a solution for this? Anything helpful from the previous answer? We're having similar issues.