Can I mark a Booking as Attended/Canceled/No Show/etc?

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Good afternoon! 


I am looking into Bookings to replace some other software. Is there a way to mark a Bookings appointment as Attended, Canceled, No Show, etc.? 


Can we export Bookings info so I can utilize a DB/Power BI for Dashboards?


Thanks in advance!


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Just checking to see if this question or feature has been developed? We are keen to capture the status of the booking and then export the data.

@Samantha Rozek I haven't seen that as an option...I would hope there is a way, but can't seem to find it. I imagine we could add some custom fields, but I believe that would show for the person making the appt as well. That's not really a good option for a booking software imo.

Oh, I'm really waiting on this feature for sure!