Can end user choose if meeting online or in person?

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Is it possible for the end user/customer to decide the meeting delivery method. I work in Education and we are working to set up our first booking calendar. Our students can have their appointment face-to-face, online via teams or by phone call. I'm currently setting these up as 3 separate services, with the add online meeting toggle set to on for the online meeting option. 


It would be great If we could set this up as a single service where the student could choose the delivery method when making their booking.

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Thanks for the feedback. Currently its only possible through 3 different services. We will consider this as a future enhancement.
Thank you, this would be a really good enhancement
This is a feature that would be very helpful for my organization (a library where we have patrons book appointments with librarians using MS Bookings).

The way we have it organized is we have one Bookings calendar for the entire the library, with each librarian having their own 'service'. Patrons get a link to the booking page for each librarian's service, and we have it set so that all meetings are virtual.

It would be great to allow patrons to have the ability to specify if the meeting will be virtual or in-person at the service level.

@rogereka We are looking into having the same setup for appointments with Librarians, and would really like this feature added for students to choose whether they want to meet in-person or online. 

This would be a very nice feature. Our current office set up has a customized question "How would you like to meet?" with multiple options (in-person, Teams Meeting and phone call) then set the question to required. You could also set up a service for each option (in-person meeting, phone meeting or teams meeting).
This is how we currently do it - but staff then have to go into each meeting in their calendar to figure out how the meeting is going to happen. It would be great for the selected choice to be featured more prominently - in the email notification and in the subject of the calendar event.