Calendar not being enforced in Bookings

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Hi all, we have setup Microsoft Bookings. I have it set with several users with their own 'services' and assigned each person individually. Even though I have 'allow when available' checked, Bookings is allowing people to schedule an event although the calendar has something blocked off at the same time. I can see the calendars in the Calendar section, so they are syncing, and for example I can see 10am-11am is 'out of office' for an account. However, I can goto Bookings and schedule a meeting for that same time and it gets accepted. 


To test, I made a new bookings, added one user, see their calendar in the calendar page, went to the bookings and the whole day was available even though the user was blocked off for several appointments on that day. 


I tested allow to pick a person, don't allow to pick a person. I tried multiple users in services, a single user on a single service. I tried clicking on the main page, clicking on the service, and I tried a link directly to the service for the single user. Everything results in the same issue.



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@benfl71 , I have the same issue. You would realy do me a great favor if you could inform me if you found a solutions. I will do the same on my side.

@benfl71 , I just found the solution in another MS thread:


From the Outlook app, select the Gear icon in the upper right of the screen for the Settings.  A panel opens on the right.  At the bottom is an option to "View All Outlook Settings."  Select "Calendars" and Select "Shared Calendars".   There is a block at the top labeled "Share a Calendar" with a pull-down to pick the calendar you want to share.  In my case, my calendar is simply labeled "Calendar".  Choose that, and it will bring up a list of who you have shared your calendar with.  There is a pull down at the bottom labeled "People in My Organization". You need to pick something other than "None".  The lowest level of permission "Can View When I'm Busy" was sufficient to allow Bookings to access your calendar.  If you just change the permission for People in My Organization, you do not have to hit the save button.  It simply saves the setting after you select it and close the window.