Calendar events affect availability greyed out

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we created a shared calendar for a team as the bookings topic does not need a specific individuals but they have different schedules that change constantly. For example, in one case, different people from the HR department have an irregular rotation (each one "covers" a shift every third Monday). Rather than adding the three individually and manually changing their bookable times/schedules constantly, we created a shared mailbox and added that as Staff. The email used to add this shared calendar does not have any MS licence as it is just an alias for the calendar. the "Calendar events affect availability" option was checked back then when it was created, but now it  is unchecked and greyed out. we belive it has to be with licencing (of the shared calendar alias) as other peoples email with licence from within the organization work fine but people without the licence does not work. Even though the answer seems obvious from last sentence, it is unlikely to be this way as every other option, aspect or feature works the same.

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Yes, this is expected.
Calendar sync for availability ("Calendar events affect availability") works only for licensed users and not for shared mailboxes or external guests.
I have this behavior for a calendar I own. I set up a different (new) google calendar that is linked to my original gmail account so that I could track non-personal items. I have linked this successfully to my Outlook calendar. However, since the Bookings app uses only my main Outlook calendar to view my availability, I need my main Outlook calendar to integrate events from my gmail calendar. Currently my main calendar shows up (green) but like the OP now it is unchecked and greyed out and has stopped syncing. Since the ownership is not an issue (and it is not a shared google calendar) what else could be the issue?