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I'm just trying to use Bookings service and I can't configure it. Does anyone know why?



No section of the service seems to work and I am an administrator of the organization.

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Is this issue consistent? 


Can you please check if Microsoft Bookings is enabled for your tenant at Microsoft 365 Admin Centre? More here:



@jeverduzco I apologise for a late response. Can you drop me an email? My email ID is in your personal messages.

@Teja Vinukollu - I am having exactly the same issue. Everything is enabled at org level. I've used it previously and have a calendar set up. Haven't used it for a while and how get the same error as OP. Please assist?

@Teja Vinukollu Did you all resolve this? I am experiencing the same error. I set my bookings a while back but never went live with it. I remember deleting my calendar before I stopped using the app but now that I log in to set it up again I get the same error.

@cfuentes We would need further details to debug issue faced by you. Kindly check the Direct message for the mail id.  

Hi @acantharc We would need further details to debug issue faced by you. Kindly check the Direct message for the mail id.  
I have the same issue, did anyone manage to figure it out? Bookings is enabled here too.
same error message. Bookings enabled in admin center.
I have the same issue since 4 weeks and now i have lost some customers because of the error. After 5-6 callings and a TeamsCall from Microsoft nobody can help..the just say its complicated. Some of the microsoft supportmembers didn't even know what bookings is, so i think i'm changing my account soon..
+1 to this issue - just enabled Bookings and I can't do anything on it. Same errors. Anyone get a response on what to try?


Not sure if this is anyone else's issue, but creating a new business solved the issue for me. I may have created a Booking business as part of a trial a long time ago so when I re-enabled it in the tenant, that same business was coming up. Since all the underlying "stuff" (mailbox, calendar, etc.) was likely destroyed, the Boookings reference was orphaned, thus breaking the business. Creating a new business fixes all of that. Hope this helps someone!