Business Apps (Free) with Bookings not working

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My business is a new O365 E3 customer and we were looking at Bookings.  I created the first bookings calendar through the iPhone app, which worked even though we didn't "purchase" the Business Apps (Free) license or assign it.  However, the app logged me out the next day saying that Bookings was not enabled for the account.  The Bookings request webpage still worked, but I couldn't edit anything through the app and couldn't find where in the O365 Admin console I could manage it.


Through the various help discussions I finally found that I had to "purchase" the "Business Apps (Free)" license, which I did and then assigned it to a few users.  However, the Bookings icon doesn't always show up in the O365 Waffle and when I do go to the link, the page says to ask my IT Admin to enable it.  It seems like the Business Apps (Free) / Bookings wasn't enabled "clean" in our O365 environment and I can't find anywhere that Bookings is not enabled or assigned.  I'm not sure if this is common (as I see something similar in other discussions) or if our first use being through the app caused a conflict, which didn't prevent us from creating the company profile and calendar page even though we didn't have the Business Apps (Free) license. 

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We have the same issue. Have it enabled and assigned to end users but doesn't work.

Hi Michael - Sorry you are having issues, let's see if I can help you.


1. Is Bookings enabled for your org? Admin center/Services & add-ins/BookingsBookings add-in.PNG


















2. the Business Apps (free) add-on shows up as "Purchased" in Home/Billing/Purchase servicesBiz apps purchased.PNG



3. The Business Apps (free) add-on shows up in the "Product linceses" for the user that is trying to use BookingsBiz apps licenses.PNG






















One more thing to keep in mind. Although user 1 can create a Bookings calendar, that doesn't mean user 2 can access it, so the first time each user goes into Bookings they will be asked to "Start" a new Bookings calendar.


Hope this helps but please, let me know if doesn't.


It took awhile for the licensing to kick in (I am guessing) as the app finally started to work about an hour later. We just started evaluating it so no feedback to report as of yet.