Bug report: Bookings is generating 2 Outlook calendar entries for 1 appointment

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Since around the 21st or 22nd August 2023, Microsoft Bookings has started 'duplicating' Outlook calendar entries whenever a booking is made. 

I have checked the backend of the Bookings system and nothing seems to have changed. My email is only attached to my Staff identity. 
When looking at the Bookings calendar online, there is only the one appointment per booking, as per normal.. 
When I look at my email, I only have one notification of an appointment being booked, as per normal.


But when I look at my Outlook calendar, there are always two calendar entries for the same booking, side by side. The contents are identical. 

What's going on and is there anything I can do to fix this? (Real) double-bookings are something I need to watch out for and this automated duplication is making that harder. 

Update 06/09: Seems to have stopped occurring. Will update if this changes. 
Update 07/09/23: The duplicate bug has stopped, but the 'client's name not appearing in subject line' bug as reported by other users is now happening. 

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I have the same issue, I also have an issue where  Microsoft bookings is changing and updating my time once a team meeting is started through my booking page to UTC instead of London, Dublin, Edinburgh. I There seems to be no help at all from Microsoft, really annoying! If you find a work around, please do let me know.

I also have the same issue. I hope that someone will respond and have a fix for this issue. I can confirm that the duplication is not happening with any other meetings... only with meetings generated through Bookings. I can also confirm that the issue persists with both Outlook for desktop and OWA. Thank you!
My office is having the same issue. If we delete one of the two, it ends up canceling the booking entirely.

@Siobhan_S  We aee also having this same issue, today we also noticed that the notifications going out to users about the scheduled meeting no longer displays who the meeting is with.  


Double-calendar entries issue appears to have resolved itself. In testing, Never mind, it's back.

Same problem - 2 bookings for each appointment appearing in Outlook.

Had the same issue. Today it seems it is not doing it. @jph01 

I get the same issue, anyone has any updates on it? Thanks
Nothing except that it's a) still happening for us and b) only for ONE of our Bookings calendars.

@Siobhan_S I also have that problem. Do we have any updates on that one?

Confirming it's an issue, but only certain events. It's happened 2 times in the past week, affecting different service types.
I am having the same issue, any news from Microsoft?

I too am experiencing the same issue - been gaslighted that it is my fault but evidence here says otherwise... time of occurrence also around last week noticed on the 24th.

same problem here just started happening.

Same here for both staff and customers

I have the same issue booking enters appointments into Outlook 2x. Causing a huge mess in my calendar.

As of today, we've seen another issue: normally the booking on Outlook shows the customer's name in the title, but suddenly it's not showing their name. It still shows in the appointment if opened but not in the appointment title.