[bug in new template?] SELECT STAFF wrongly displayed initially

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Dear community


As shown in the screenshot below, the select staff (optional) gets displayed when the page is loaded, even though I turned off that option everywhere. After selecting/deselecting a service, the select staff (optional) disappears (expected/correct behavior). Additionally, this wrong/unexpected initial display is not encountered when selecting the classic page template instead of the new page template.

=> I suspect this is an initialization bug in the new page template only.


Can anyone reproduce & confirm this behavior?


PS: This is probably related.




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I have the same issue. I unchecked the "Allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking" both in the "Booking page" options and also in the options of the services. It kept showing. The only thing that worked was to switch the page from the "New" template to the "Classic" one. This was suggested in the other thread you linked.