Bookings won't show appointment options after 5pm

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I have a created a service and made booking availability from 10am-7pm. However, when people go to my booking page, it only shows options til 4:30pm. How can I get it to show from 5-7pm? 


I've changed the business hours in my outlook calendar and on the Bookings tool to go until 7pm and it hasn't resolved the issue. 



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I have this same problem. None of my booking appointments past 5pm will show up as available????

@AmberBHM Just to make sure, did you change your availability in bookings:

- On the particular staff's settings

- Under Business Information > Business Hours

- Within the Service > Availability (may need to deselect "Use the default online scheduling policy")

I have the same problem...

I've set it in the working hours for the single users
Set them within the booking page...
And in the business Information

You still can't book appointments past 5pm

Is there a global setting in the admin center maybe?

And actually... I'd really like to set up availability for a bookings calendar independent from the normal availability in the organization and a possible global setting. So that e.g. a sales person is available within bookings, but NOT available for normal, internal meetings.