Bookings with choice of 2 rooms & numerous people

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Hi, I run a physio clinic and we currently use Booked plugin via our wordpress website. The problem we have with this is Booked intagrates with google yet not O365 so online bookings currently dont sync with my staff calendars which leads to customers being disappointed when they dont get an appointment they request online.


I came across Microsoft Bookings and got really excited as I thought this would be a better solution. After setting up options, I realise that I need to be able to allow clients to choose:

1) The service (e.g. Initial Physio Consultation, Follow-up Physio Consultation, etc)

2) The physio (e.g. Fiona, Tania, Connor, Ji-Sup or Dearbhla) subject to their availability

3) Resource availability (i.e. our clinic has 2 treatment rooms) based on availability


Issues I'm attempting to overcome are:

1) my staff have known availability via their Outlook calendars synced to MS Bookings (so clients can see if their physio is available or not) yet there is a possibility that more than 2 physios could be available at the same time. If this is the case, there is a possibility that a client to book a physio yet we do not have an available resource (i.e. Room 1 or Room 2) to actually treat them. I've read various forum posts yet have been unable to find a solution. I would greatly appreciate suggestions as the alternative is to move to a proper clinic management system and stop using O365?


2) I have 2 admin staff who manage bookings on behalf of physios via phone calls, etc. What is the best way to handle this?


Many thanks.

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