Bookings will not Activate

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I just learned of MS Bookings and wanted to try it. I went and signed up for Office 365 Business Premium Trial. I enabled Bookings, but was met with the "Ask your Admin" screen. 

Later I learned that Bookings and Invoicing are available for free with Business Apps (Free). 
So I 'bought' that and tried to enable Bookings. Same thing, "Ask your Admin".
Invoicing is active. 


We have O365 E1 licenses and E3 licenses. I am an admin using E3. 

Any idea why Bookings will not activate?
I have enabled it through the Admin screen and used PowerShell 
Set-OrganizationConfig -BookingsEnabled $true

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I am having the same issue - did you figure out what was causing it?

User needs to have an E3 license for the free Bookings app. Had to uninstall / reinstall Office.

Sign out of everything. EVERY. THING.

Uninstall office apps. 

Log into as the user and install from there. This associates the device install to the user account. 

@Bionicjoe  Thanks! Signing out everywhere did the trick.  I closed all Office apps, as well, just in case, but don't know if I needed to.