Bookings, want to pick multiple time (different) time slots for a service at time of initial booking

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Does anyone know how to a client can choose multiple (different) time slots in a day at time of initial booking? For example, the client needs to schedule multiple sessions of the same presentation at their site for the same day. Each session needs its own time because it will be attended by a group of people different from those that attend an earlier presentation. 


At the moment, it appears that a client needs to access the bookings page and enter required information various times in order to book the total number of sessions needed for a day. 


Please help!


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This is something I have been trying to figure out as well! We have two computer labs and I would like teachers to be able to book labs for as many 15 min increments as they would need. Can this all be submitted on 1 submission? @GMSHP 

I need this too! Did you ever find a solution or create a UserVoice idea for voting?
No solutions so far. Still looking for any ideas/work-arounds.