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With a view to deploying Bookings to a population within at school in order to replace Calendly, I need some additional information.

I've made the comparison and today I don't see any obvious difference, but I'm worried about this information:
Can you tell me more about RENDEZ VOUS VIRTUELS?
Is the EDU license affected?

What functionality does BOOKINGS have today that will disappear with this new service?
If we want this VIRTUAL RDV service, what should we expect financially? Is it simply the Teams Premium membership?
If so, since this does not exist today for EDU licenses, should we assume that BOOKINGS will remain unchanged?

Thank you for your help.



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I belive theres almost no diffrence, one just have metric metre for analytic and seems to be the updated version but, they equally serve same purpose. booking an appointment virtually.
Thank you for reaching out. Bookings and Virtual Appointments will continue to co-exist and evolve over time. The Virtual Appointments app provides additional functionality like queuing and usage reports for users with a Team Premium license. If you had been using the Bookings app within Teams and using these features, they will become Teams Premium only and available only in Virtual Appointments app. However, if you had been using the Bookings webapp, the only feature that now requires a Team Premium license is the text/SMS notifications. Other features remain unaffected.