Bookings Using Free Times for a Team (combined)

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Hello - I am wondering if there is a work around for my use case where I want only the common times available for a team to be shown on a bookings page for our vendors to book.

The idea is to use some sort of feature from Microsoft Findtime to find the free times for our team and publish that in bookings for the service.  We normally have to coordinate amongst 5-10 teams members free times to schedule a meeting with a vendor. Can we do this in Microsoft booking to show only the free time for the team? this will cut out a lot of emails back and forth.


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I am an independent advisor responding to Bookings questions.


Microsoft plans to roll out multiple staff bookings functionality based on the staffs' availability in November 2022. Some people made see it in December.


I am unsure of the feature's ins and outs.  So stay tune for more info from MS.


I, too, look forward to seeing multi-staff  capabilities.


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