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I have two questions related to the bookings published page URL.


1. I changed my business name and the bookings URL is still showing the old/original business name. Is there a way to update this?


2. Is there a way to create separate Bookings URLs for each staff member? Currently we have a business page set up and services with available staff. For our business use, we would like to be able to share links that would take customers to a specific staff members bookings page.


Thank You, Leslie Johnson

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Hi Leslie,


Thanks for your questions! Let me try to answer them.

1. I would recommend that you create a new booking page with the updated name. This is the easiest way, and since you can create as many booking pages as you want, there is no extra cost.


2. Yes. You can create a booking page for each of your staff members and each would have its own URL. Just click on the drop down menu next to your booking page and you'll see an option for "new".

new booking.PNG

Remember the name you enter when you create the new booking will be in the URL. Once you create it, if your staff members are in Office 365, you can add them as administrators and they can manage it, or if you want to manage it, just add them as viewers. If they are not in Office 365, then add them with a free account and set them as "guest". 


Hope this helps!




I was just searching for an answer to question 2, but I want to look for something slightly different from what is asked above. I want to place all my staff in my staff list, and then put the booking iframe on everyone's page, but with specifically their schedule on there. Ideally, I guess, I wanted to see if there is something I can add to the end of the URL that identifies the staff member so I can just do something like:[staff_identifier]


I'm afraid that with multiple staff if I leave it as is with the "Allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking" some people may forget to select, or may select the wrong person....?


Thank you!




I have a similar concern/question: I want to remove the "ANYONE" choice, so that my customers are forced to choose a specific  staff member. Anyone have an idea on how to make this happen? I don't want it defaulting to whatever algorithm is being used to pick someone. My team is spread out and we want our customers to pick my team member that's either living in their office or visiting their office. We're using it for on-site visits.


Thanks! :)

I am not sure that you can remove the "anyone" option. But you could put in a required check button with the "customer data usage consent" message found on the "bookings page" in the admin section. something that says "please choose a team member". Just a thought

Thanks, Joshua-Rock. Yeah, I ended up going that route with the data usage box. Good idea. We also decided to include a note in the service name and added our office 'code' in each Staff Member's name.

@A_A_Ron  You can remove the "Anyone" choice from within the service settings. First assign the specific staff member by selecting them at the top, then scroll to the bottom and remove the tick from Online Scheduling options. down further you'll see the heading "Staff", remove the tick from "Allow customers to choose a specific person for the booking". that should remove the Anyone choice on the booking page.

@Steve_Garnett Excellent find, sir! Thank you. :)

Hi Gabriel,

I have two domain on mt tenant. Both has Booking application. But why they have the same domain on URL.

Domain 1 bookings URL

Domain 2 bookings URL
Is it possible to have a specific URL for each domain. I'm always getting @domain1/bookings/ even I created the bookings from Domain 2.
This doesn't work for me. If I uncheck "Allow customers to choose a specific person" then I have no choices at all of which staff to book with. I need "Anyone" removed, and only a list of available staff shown.

@Christopher J. Crocker 


I also have this issue.  This seems to be a significant oversight.  I don't want customers to be able to select anyone, but I still need the option to have them select from a list.  

I need to do the same as I've changed the business name but the URL remains. Can you copy all the settings over? It would be a nightmare to have to recreate all the customization I've done in building this out. Needs to be a feature change - if you change the business name it changes the URL.

@jinjanjun Hi! I have the same issue. I want the booking URL to take the Owner Service domain.


I was struggling with this myself. The old URL kept showing up in my Bookings URL. In the Admin panel, do the following:
Settings > Domains > change your default to your new domain

Even though the original post is 5 years old, maybe this info will help someone tearing their hair out looking for a solution that works. :D