Bookings - unchecked 'Try the new Bookings' and now can't access bookings

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I was setting up Bookings and things were going well. Out of curiosity I un-toggled the 'Try the new Bookings' to see what the old one was like and it now redirects me to the onboarding page everytime I try to access Bookings.


If I go via a link to a calendar from a previous email I get an error 500 message.


It seems to work for everyone else still. 


Is there someway of undoing that setting?


If we roll this out to more staff this will be a significant problem if people can break their profiles.



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24 hours later it seems to be resolved. Not sure if it was a licensing or profile issue - I had my 365 license and access changed for other reasons today (the issue occurred yesterday), but it's now come right.