Bookings unable to inform customer when there is a change in opening hours

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For the Bookings app via Microsoft, we have allowed customers to book during pre-assigned time slots in certain days.


However, when there is a change to the time slots - the booking system doesn't inform the customer who has previously booked an appointment with the old time slots.


How do we automate this? 


Are we able to get an alert that there is a booking when we want to change the time slot and have an option to inform customer to cancel and suggest them with new time slot etc?



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@gohxs Are you referring to a scenario when a Bookings administrator changes the start/end time of an already booked appointment and there is no notification sent to the customer who booked that appointment? That is not expected, the customer should receive an updated appointment notification with latest start/end time.


If the scenario is same as what I explained above, can you please share more details on how you are updating the appointment start/end time? Both the staff and customer don't receive update notifications?

Also ensure that you don't have below option selected when you edit the appointment from Bookings admin calendar.








Hi Babu, thanks for your reply! '

Yes you're right on the scenario and I was also surprised that no notification was sent to the customer given that there was a confirmation on the previous time slot. 


For the booking admin calendar - how do i check the setting?


The below screenshot is when I edit the services.



I do the re-scheduling via the Avaliability options. 


For example: 

Initially the services is open from 2 to 3pm (15 mins per slot), and one of the customer booked a slot of 15 mins at 2.45pm to 3pm. Our side have some changes and we have to update the time from 4 to 5pm. Hence, I came to this page and on the Avaliability options - I adjusted the start and end time. 




Shouldnt the system be able to detect that there is an booking already made and then automatically cancel the piror appointment booking for the staff and customer?



Sorry for the delayed response.
When you edit the appointment from Bookings admin calendar, you should see an option to enable/disable the confirmation email to customer.