Bookings text message reminders list the wrong time for the booked appointment

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We've had several of our Bookings site owners complain that their customers are receiving text message reminders with a wrong meeting time while the email reminders list the correct time. It's not happening with all Bookings sites, though, only some of them. We have an open support case, but nothing useful so far. Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

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@Kreera House 


I'm having this issue. Luckily, I'm pilot testing something so it is not causing mass confusion but both times I've signed up for a time slot and text messages (through my personal email), The confirmation email is correct, the first text message is correct but the 2nd text message right before the appointment says it is 4 hrs later than the appointment actually is and obviously this is causing major concerns. I looked around and it seems like a lot of people were having this problem last year and it wasn't worked out. I would love to use this feature but right now it isn't worth the risk.


@als5328  I thought you couldn't send out text messages with bookings. How did you manage this

@KBEST68  - it's a setting in the service details:



@Kreera House We discovered an issue where some users had their timezone set wrong - but only in Outlook. So we followed this article to resolve:

@KBEST68 - In that case you'll need someone from Microsoft to assist. I've never seen that section missing.

@SarahBethB - Good point, but this time zone setting is not our issue since the email reminders all show the correct time. It is only text message reminders that list the wrong time. They don't include any time zone information. We had a support case open with Microsoft but they couldn't identify the issue either and since it was intermittent and couldn't be recreated at will, we are now having to advise our users to not use text messaging.

I have the same problem.  Other customers complain that Bookings schedules multiple appointments on different days and times when they just want one. @Kreera House 

@Kreera House Is there any resolution to this?  I am having the same issue -- Calendar invitation, Email, and Bookings calendar are all correct, but the SMS is 4 hours off, causing a lot of confusion.    

@befzn - Sorry, but I don't know. Our users stopped using SMS notifications because of the confusion they created. I would suggest you open a support case with Microsoft to have the Bookings team look into it.