Bookings tab in Teams?

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I am in the process of getting staff to move to the "new" bookings experience. Now that bookable "staff" can be Team members, so see their own bookings and delete them etc. 
My question is what triggers the booking tab to appear in teams? It is much easier to deal with bookings in teams. I have just added a team member as a test, and got them to reboot teams,  but still no tab.. 
Is it a time thing? Does them logging into the Bookings app trigger the tab to appear in teams?? Be great to know! :)

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@dpamment- I think Bookings is now in the Calendar tab


Hi Chris, thanks, yes I am aware of this,
I perhaps didn't frame my question very well. The tab is there for me too, but people I have added to the bookings system today (well actually existing staff in the old bookings system who were converted to viewers for the new bookings, when I moved my test person to be a team member, They still are not seeing the bookings tab in their teams calendar. I want teams members to have to interact as little as possible with the bookings app itself, I was hoping the tab would just appear, so they could cancel bookings (as basically that is all they can do anyway).
I got them to log out of teams and in again.. next is to see if maybe after 24 hours it appears. Then I will have to get them to perhaps log into the bookings interface (which I wanted to avoid).. There doesn't seem to be any info/documentation on what triggers the bookings tab to appear.
Hope that makes more sense :)
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Ah, I see. I seem to recall it does take some time for it to appear in a Team however, that was last year some time when I added to my Teams. I would give it at least a day for rollout. When 'Bookings Tab' was added to 'Calendar' I didn't even notice.
Can they add 'Bookings' as its own app; the old way on the left side bar until it comes up under Calendar? Maybe that can work until then?
Thanks Chris, that is a great idea, I could get them to pull the bookings app up teams. I will leave it overnight, or maybe a day or 2 to see it appears "organically" If not I will get them to do as you suggest and hopefully that will trigger it. I will let you know!
Hi Chris, Yes to confirm, the only thing that triggered the tab in the calendar was pulling the app in (which then had a popup to say you could now get it in your calendar) I will have to add that to my instructions. Cheers