Bookings shows up as an app although disabled in settings

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we disabled the use of bookings to roll it out on our own. Pilot it first and get to use it.

But today this shows up at my normal user account:


It does not work - but it says "Ask your admin" who is happy to answer all those questions what this new app is about ;)

So please remove the notification if the option is ticked


Or recommend to remove the licenses for the app too.


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@StephanGee Hi Stephan! Thanks for your feedback, and I would like to make sure I am understanding the situation correctly. Have you disabled Bookings for the entire tenant (via unchecking the box in the Admin Center or PowerShell) or did you enable it and control user-level access via an OWA Mailbox Policy?

Hi @Jessica_Wilczek 

I disabled it for the entire tenant over the admin center -> services.

The change was performed on 27.04.2020


Yesterday i withdraw the license for everyone


Thanks for your help