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I have multiple problems with MS Bookings. Scheduling times for services seem to be completely off. The booking page shows available slots that are already booked and on the other hand misses slots I am actually free... When my clients book the services available the get an error that someone beat their slot.


I have created a booking page with the following business hours:


It is set that clients can pick slots within these hours when I am free, I am the only staff that is available, and clients can't choose staff themselves.


I have two services available with identical settings except that one is for 30 mins and one for 90 mins.


Staff for the services should be bookable when available.


So now clients booked appointments with me, and I have a blocker as well set in my calendar for lunch as you can see here:

(the second user is just administrator that is not added as staff to any service)



However, my booking page shows the following slots:5.png




As you can see I am available from 10:45 although my first session is from 10 to 11:30. On the other hand I am not available on 2:30 although I am free there actually. Also these slots change without making changes to my calendar. The tool seems very buggy and its unclear where those times come from. If you pick up one of the slots you get the following error message:




If you click "Find another time" all slots are gone



This makes the tool completely useless as all my clients are reaching out to me directly now or just do not book my time. I saw many very old threads with similar problems, so Microsoft seems to be aware of the problem but is not fixing it or providing an acceptable solution. Could someone please help me out how to fix this without creating everything again? I saw this as a resolution but seriously, should I send all our clients new links now? How unprofessional would that be? Hope we can find a better way together.



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@magichappenz to confirm I understand this correctly, you are seeing invalid slots on first load but these disappear and correct slots show up when you click "Find another time" - is this the correct summary? Do these slots reappear if you refresh the page again? 


Can you also confirm if the timezone of the Booking page (under Booking page -> Region and timezone settings) is the same as your configured timezone?

@davisjr wrong slots appear in general on the page. When you choose them the mentioned error occurs and all slots disappear. And I can confirm that in the account and in the calendar the time zone is set to UTC+1.

I'm having the same issue. My business is set to accept bookings between 10AM and 5.30PM. Yet on the booking page for some days I'm seeing slots available at as early as 3.30AM! When I attempt to book a slot it says "Someone beat you to it" and the entire day is blanked out, despite there still being free slots.


My time zone is definitely configured correctly, I have double checked.

I just found another post that suggested turning off "Always show time slots in business time zone" in the Booking page > Region and Time Zone settings.




This worked for me and now times slots are displaying correctly.

@rasletaz I saw that post as well but it's not fixing it for me though. The tool remains unreliable.