Bookings setup confusion - Bookings Confirmation Email Fail?

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I am setting up Bookings for the first time with Office 365 Business Premium.


I'm a single-employee consulting business. I only have one active user/license (myself), which is already connected to a custom domain.


I set up a Bookings calendar using my company name, for example My Company. It appears to have automatically created an active user in Microsoft 365 Admin for, which I was not aware of.

Separately, I set up a Shared Mailbox,, not knowing that a separate "user" or schedule calendar user or whatever had been created when I created the Bookings calendar.


Now, I see that confirmation emails aren't working. Using Exchange message trace, the clients are not receiving confirmation emails, because the sender is Again, I did not create this user.


I want my Bookings confirmations to come from, and for staff (eg myself) to be able to converse using a shared mailbox as well, for those who don't use the Bookings app page.

Is this possible? Is there a way to do this without using advanced things like PowerShell? Is there a proper sequence of setting this up?

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@tom-wiseOver 100 views and no one has anything to say about this? Is my question confusing? Is no one else confused or having the same issue I am?



Can't speak for the rest of these folks, but they probably already found this answer when searching. I did, (the gist was, you can't change the sending address, but you can note who replies go to). 

sorry I'm not more help :(

Did you ever get an answer? Our emails are failing also because it appears to add a GUID to the email address.