Bookings Service assigned to multiple staff

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How do I set up bookings so that if I have two staff members, when someone chooses a service, that it goes to both staff members?  However, I also want it setup so that, if only one person is available at that time, then it can still be assigned to that one person.  So basically, if both staff members are available, then the service goes to both of their calendars.  But if only one staff member is available, then it will go to that staff member.

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The link above shows that this functionality is on their development roadmap and being delivered in October 2022? today is the last day of October!! We have been waiting since August 2022 for this functionality. I hope they roll it out soon as we are waiting too.

There's been a bit of a delay with the release of this future but please stay tuned for updates. Appreciate your patience.


I can see that we can now assign multiple staff to bookings.

Is there also a way to set a maximum number of appointments per day for staff members? 

Thank you