Bookings sending emails to the wrong people? Confirmation emails are going to the wrong person

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We have started to notice that when people book into some of the sessions we have created, the confirmation email is going to the wrong person or just sending to random people in the business. 


Usually it goes to the creator of the booking page, but sometimes it doesn't. And most recently it is notifying others in the business that people are booking the session. Even though they have not been added into the booking as an admin or owner. 


Has anyone else experienced something like this? 


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@Dynamicshs This was just brought to my attention today, and the info on the forwarded message (that I was sent from the person who got the notice incorrectly) is weird too.


The appointment only shows the provider and the client, but in the info I was sent there is a Cc listed as the email who was not supposed o get this message, but I see NO CC on the appointment.


Also odd is the Guest who was Cc'd is listed as the creator, and we have it set that only our staff can create appointments, this has to be a glitch but it's a HIPAA issue so it's critical.

Hi @ccsadmin22 , 


Is there anything we can do on our end ? or anyone we can contact to showcase what's going wrong and actions some steps to see where the problem may lie?


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@Dynamicshs my guess is this is new, I have been working with Bookings since March and have run countless tests, today is the first time I was told this happened, and so far I only know of one.  I replied to you as you posted yesterday, so this seems like a new bug/glitch but if Microsoft is going to tout being a Telehealth provider they need to address this ASAP and fix it, if not we cannot use it as we cannot have PHI going to random people. 

I'm actually shocked it happened, Microsoft is one of the big 3 tech companies so to have a lapse in security is very sad.

But with that said, who are you going to call?  Microsoft doesn't even support their products any more and can't get anyone to help in any other issues.  I had to hire a consulting firm for $5,000 just to get some help setting up Bookings so I understood it all to make sure THIS kind of thing wouldn't happen, yet here we are now.

Hi @ccadmin22,

Yes it's quite frustration. Even when we turn off all notifications it still happens.

That's typical of Microsoft, making thing hard of users, providing minimal information and making people spend more money to outsource help.

I'm unsure, you'd think they would have Microsoft employee's managing this forum like they do for the power platform ones.
Are you able to reproduce it? Because I cannot, and in fact I'm not 100% it wasn't on Google's end. The client we had an appointment for uses Gmail, and the forwarded message seems to be from Google Calendar so I wonder if they have some sort of autoforward setup? I have not been able to get it to do it however, I keep setting up test appointments using my Gmail account from the work Bookings, and it's all working as it should.

If you are duplicating it, care to share how then I can test it more?