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I have created a service for phishing permits and assigned several employees. The point is, that each employee is responsible for different district. When customer selects this service, he should specify, which district he wants to apply for. Then the responsible employee is assigned to this service.

For example

employee Alan is responsible for phishing permits North Lake

employee Bart is responsible for phishing permits South Lake

employee Cindy is responsible for phishing permits East Lake and West Lake

Is it possible to select an employee based on service details? I don't want to copy the service to several services North, South, ...

Thank You

Zdenek Moravec

municipality of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

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This function is probably not possible im current version of Bookings. So I am going to create one service per region and assign one employee to each service. But then my Bookings page contains lot of services on one heap (over 30 services).
Is there maybe any chance, how to group services to groups? Then I could have one tile "Phishing", which contains three services (North, South, East-West)
Thank You.