Bookings Scheduling Function for Not Bookable with Exceptions

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This is the primary thing keeping me away from Bookings. I have a lot of events/one off scheduled events with our facilitators that do not happen weekly. Calendly has an option to put a "not bookable" range, but then allows you to add exceptions to that with dates you WANT to be bookable within it, super clean and easy.

The only way I can get Bookings to do this, is make literally dozens of not available windows between each event, which causes an onerous amount of editing if a date changes rather than just removing a single entry I have to edit several.

Is there any way this can be considered as a feature? it seems like a much cleaner user experience with minimal downsides

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Jantzen- Hope I have understood you correctly.
You have 1 time events, right? Make the general availability settings of the service to not bookable and for a specific range make it bookable.
These settings are under the availability options for a service.

@altamish Not quite. I think the problem is, that an event is happening every second week ob mayby just monthly. But all you can do in Bookings is the weekly recurring dates and then set loads of non bookable dates underneath. That is not user friendly.