Bookings says I don't have any available time slots

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When someone clicks on my bookings page, it shows I'm not available for the next two weeks even though I have lots of available slots this week and next. I have the default minimum lead time set to 24 hours and confirmed this with each of my "services." 

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Are you sure that the staff assigned to your service doesn't have anything in his calendar that sets him busy for the next two weeks?

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your quick reply. I'm not sure what changed but my Booking page is working again. I forgot to mention that I have my Booking page synced to my outlook calendar. Perhaps I was invited to an event that blocked off the time on my calendar. I'm not sure what happened, but I will keep an eye out for the future to see what changes. 

Hi there.

My customers are unable to book me or my staff because bookings states there is no availability on dates and times when we actually are available.


I have checked my outlook calendar and our business calendar and there are no conflicts in times or dates.

I can manually insert a meeting during the available times but cannot make a booking using Microsoft bookings or our bookings link.


Please help, it is urgent.


Thank you

Same problem here since yesterday. We did not change anything in the bookings app. 

Calender is empty and staff available. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


Update: From December 2021 on free solts for our services can be seen again.