Bookings Reminders are in the Wrong Time Zone

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Hi All,


We currently have Bookings reminders set up to email remind one day and one hour in advance of an appointment. With over 2000 appointments scheduled in the last 6 months things have gone very well until just recently. 


It appears that the reminder is sent to the customer with the wrong time zone. e.g. If the customer made an appointment for tomorrow, 5/19 at noon Pacific Time, the reminder will come in saying "you have an appointment in one hour, May 19 at 2pm". Under the reminder you can see it says in small grey letters "Central Time" which is of course wrong, the business and initial Booking are in Pacific Time. 


There is no setting in the reminder area to confirm time zone, this happens intermittently across services. Has anyone been able to solve this?


Thank you!

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Not sure if you found the Time Zone setting and have resolved your issue but I happened to see this post without any answer for you.
Please open the Bookings Admin page in the "new Bookings" experience view.
at the bottom of the options is "Region and time zone settings"


@Forrest Hoffman Thank you! When Bookings updated to the new UI I think the regions/time zones setting was more apparent and we caught it then. We've fixed this issue, but I so appreciate your reply :).