Bookings: Possible to disable confirmation emails to client?

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Is there a way to disable confirmation emails to the client? Aside from disabling meeting requests....



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@julioalvarezYou mean the confirmation e-mail? You can disable this when creating a booking.

@stevenam Is there a way to disable it across the board? Our team is looking performing some tests but we want to avoid any/all confirmation emails.

What do you mean by across the board? By my knowledge there is no way to disable all e-mail by default.
I am not sure if you can block e-mail send when an employee is added to a booking.
Adding employees will trigger an e-mail with instructions, which cannot be disabled. Maybe on exchange level you could possibly block them?




I realize your question is almost a year old and you probably have a solution already, but I wanted to share that what I did to accomplish this was to stop collecting the client's email address on the self-service bookings page, that way the system doesn't know where to send the confirmation email, and thus doesn't send one. If you still need to collect email addresses, you can add a custom field to collect that information.




I am Dealing with the same issue

Can you explain what was the solution ?


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@oliber1535  for each service you can customize the fields that appear on the Booking page. if you open the service, scroll down to Custom Fields and click the Modify button



A pane opens up where you can modify the collected fields. Here, just click on the Customer Email box to unselect it, and Bookings will no longer collect client email addresses, and will therefore no longer send email confirmations to clients (since it doesn't know where to send them).



If you still need to collect email addresses, add a custom field by clicking the +Add a question button at the top



Then add in an email address field. Make sure to click it so that it is enabled (and appearing in the Custom fields display order area)












Hi Thanks a lot 

It was very helpful



I am late to the party.

I have two issues that I can't find in the FAQ section

1. when a client is getting a booking confirmation email. is it possible to hide my email so they don't respond to that. So far the email a client receives is the new calendar name but when I try to reply it auto populates the owner/admin of the booking. This can get quite messy when many clients chose to reply the admin.

2. Can the bookings calendar be shared with an user in the same organization? So they can view it on their Outlook?

Thank you in advance.


I can respond to the 2nd question, the answer is yes. The Bookings calendar is another calendar in Exchange and can be accessed from Outlook. In my case I just opened it up like I would open a boardroom calendar.

@PatrickViennaeauSNB Thank you for the quick reply. That was quite simple and I didn't think of that. Worked like a charm. I might have to merge the calendar next to make it simpler for the user.

Do you have any idea how to solve Question 1. We are still in testing phase and I can see it being messy when everyone decides to reply to the email confirmation.


Sadly no, I'm not sure about question 1. In our business case we did not want emails going out at all (because they aren't bilingual which is a legal requirement for us) so we removed the field that collects emails, effectively preventing Bookings from sending emails to clients because the app doesn't know what their email address is.

That make's sense. This will be used in a center so email reminders are mandatory so they don't miss their appointments. But what I predict is that they will reply asking for further information or change request.

The portal is not available for clients to book. They will have to call in to make the booking.

Thanks for your help. I posted it so hopefully someone has the solution to it.


thank you for these answers! It appears Microsoft have just done an update so that all fields entered during booking are now showing on the confirmation email. 
we use the bookings system for medical appointments and don’t want all the information submitted by the clinician included on the confirmation email (which it didn’t use to!). Is there a way to edit which fields are included in the confirmation email? We still need the client to receive one. 

Hi @PatrickVienneauSNB 


Great info. Thanks for sharing this workaround.  I have already tested it and considering it for one of my service pages.  


Fyi to the readers of this post, the client will get a "Success Booking" confirmation in the browser but it states a confirmation will arrive shortly.  I've always used the Service Description area to include the next steps or instructions.  This time around, I will add, "update your calendar with the appt details. A calendar confirmation will not be sent."


Example of a Service page title and description area








Here is how I handled your question #1.


I created a dedicated mailbox (email address removed for privacy reasons) for all Booking app confirmations and responses. This mailbox is separate from the Bookings calendar email address. Then I can reply either from my user's primary email address or the dedicated Bookings mailbox.  If you have multiple staff members, you can share access with them. 



@Victoria1900  we didn't use the confirmation emails in our environment so I don't have any experience with them, sorry. 



Not sure if this will still help, but in the "EDIT SERVICE" section - when you create a service, select "NOTIFICATIONS" - in there, there is a place to deselect sending a notification to clients. "NOTIFY THE BUSINESS VIA EMAIL WHEN BOOKING IS CREATED OR CHANGED" 

Deselect this while you are testing everything. Once you're ready to go live, re-select this.