Bookings / Payment Interface is S...L...O...W

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Hi There,


Trying to use the Microsoft Pay payment option integration with Bookings.


Have connected our PayPal business account to the Bookings software. Fairly regularly I'm finding on testing, once you click the "Pay and Book" button it can take 1-2 minutes for the (wallet) page to appear at the URL .


Such a speed understandably will indicate to our customers that there is a problem and may cause them to abandon the purchase.  The page always eventually comes up if you wait patiently.  At other times it appears more quickly but often enough it is super slow.


Once the page comes up then clicking on "PayPal" quickly brings up the PayPal payment interface its just the initial page serve via Microsoft Wallet that has performance problems.


Heads-up to the Microsoft dev team and anyone else in the community thinking of using this feature.



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