Bookings Offers Incorrect Times

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Trying to set up a team page for Bookings via Teams.


I've set the times we're available and they show up in the calendar view correctly, but when you go to the Booking Page itself, the wrong times are shown. I thought that perhaps it was a time zone thing in settings, but I've checked all of the time zones in all of my Office 365 apps and they are correct. Everything is set to Eastern Time.

Here is the calendar view. It is correct.


Here is the Page view. It is NOT correct.


This is how it is set up in the backend.


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@PersephoneRises  - could you double check staff settings ?

@SushantIMNZ  Could you please expand on that?

I noticed, there are multiple locations to set timings - on service, on staff, on business. You may want to double check that as per the screenshot attached, the settings on staff are not superseding the business or service ones.

It may not solve the issue you are having, it was just something I hoped might resolve it.

I had a similar issue to yours but it was to do with time zones. You have obviously checked that to not be the case.