Bookings not syncing

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So we've had this problem for about a week now with the bookings app. where it wouldn't sync to outlook and we are starting to miss meetings, we have tried most of the common issues I've read about like checking to see if they can see the calendar when busy, checking outlook on a browser, and making the data file smaller. it does show up when we manually sync from the bookings app but then it shows 2 meetings for the same time slot.

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@clincoln, can you please elaborate a bit on the issue? Did this start happening after any particular change? Are you not seeing the "busy" blocks on the Bookings calendar that indicates a meeting in Outlook? How does the booking page behave - does this show busy slots in Outlook as available? Can you please confirm if the associated staff has the checkbox enabled to "Events in Office calendar affect availability". If it already is, can you try unchecking, saving, checking again and the saving to see if it makes any difference?