Bookings not showing correct availability of shared mailbox calendar

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A few of our departments have a need to create/add staff that are not specific individuals. For example, in one case, different people from the HR department have an irregular rotation (each one "covers" a shift every third Monday). Rather than adding the three individually and manually changing their bookable times/schedules constantly, we created a shared mailbox and added that as Staff. This works fine for booking events, but pre-existing events on that shared calendar are ignored when reporting availability. 

When first adding the shared mailbox as Staff, the "Events on Office calendar affect availability" box is checked. However, when going back to the Staff details page for that mailbox, that box is unchecked and disabled. I've tried adjusting the free/busy data permissions on a test shared mailbox, but it has had no effect.

Is there a supported way to use shared mailboxes as Staff in Bookings? Or, might this behavior change in the upcoming updates to the product?

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Hello - I am having the same issue. Did you receive a resolution?

@steveng490 unfortunately no. We are trying the Amelia wordpress plugin instead. Good luck!