Bookings Not Sending out email notifications to the Users

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We are testing out bookings and find it has potential. When I first tested it, I used my work email *(which is o365 account), but for demo testing, i have used by Yahoo and Gmail accounts and noticed I am not getting an email at either of them.  I verified that both boxes and their spam folders are empty as well.  I am getting the notification internally about the appointments but see nothing at either of those outside accounts?  

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Does anyone know why this would be occurring?


It has been happening for a while, but only ONE of today's clients received only ONE of their reminders!


I schedule 2 - one the day before, and one a few hours before.  

I now have them copied to me as well, and of the 6 expected emails in the past 2 days only 1 was sent.


Is there a solution to this?


Thanks!  :) 

@Barry Chapman II Did this get resolved? I'm here in 2020 testing it out and seeing the same issue(s). 

@Derek Miller 

Hi There.

No, sadly it is very rare for my clients to receive the email notifications.  They all receive the original one when booking, but almost none of them (except on a rare occasion) receive the reminders.  I have TWO reminders set (a day before and 2 hours before) and have myself copied in to the them.  I get many of them (but not all), but the clients unfortunately don't...  :(

I hope it is fixed soon!!!  

@samac I have the same issue here. No one found a solution yet?



We found out how to fix our issue(s). When I looked at the 0365 exchange mail flow I saw that my messages were not being delivered. In just my particular case this is because we're using a third party mail security system that only allowed message from our domain. Not the 'onmicrosoft'.com flavor. Because our primary domain was still on the <company> our bookings accounts were accounts. So I manually flipped one to test and it worked like a champ. So I set our default domain to our company and any new bookings accounts were working by default. 


Hope that helps somebody. 

@Derek Miller Thanks Derek. Digging into the issue, I believe i'm in a similar situation: it's been used the instead our domain. Problem is that I do not have admin access... I'm starting to bother IT in order to have this fixed :D



Awesome. Yup. I manually changed it because that account only lives in O365.[we'e a hybrid] Just to test anyway... I used the drop-down menu in the default domain section for mail of that account within - users. You'll wait about 30 minutes to an hour for AD Azure to replicate the changes. 



@samac  We see a lot of instances where the emails from Bookings end up in junk mail. Could that be happening with yours, too?

@Barry Chapman II Same thing happening at my organisation. Emails get sent when entering in a personal gmail account, but none being sent whatsoever to our domain gmails.

How can I setup the default domain?

@Leydi1322 did you ever get assistance? I don't know if that will fix my issue or not but my customers aren't getting reminder emails either??