Bookings not respecting lead time

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For the last few days, Bookings has not been respecting the "minimum lead time" on appointments - I have a 16-hour lead time set up, but at the moment, I can book myself within an hour of the current time. 


The "maximum lead time" seems to be respected, as I can't view availability further out than that. 


I've tried changing the lead time and re-saving it and creating a new appointment type to see if the settings would work there: neither worked, and still showed availability within the window I'd asked to be forbidden. It does seem to be respecting my calendar bookings and all other availability settings except the minimum lead time.  


Any suggestions on how to fix this? It's getting a bit disruptive when people are booking appointments with very little notice. 

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I am having the same problem. What is the fix?

@TrixKix Mine started working again after about 2 weeks. Same thing happened to another colleague. Never did figure out what was causing it. Since I posted that, I think it's broken and fixed itself twice, but it did eventually start working properly again. 


One thing I didn't check: I have shared links to both the newer Outlook "book with me" page and to my services within a Bookings 'company' page. I'm not sure if one misbehaves more than the other, since I haven't been tracking which system my appointments have been coming from (and they were both set up with very similar options through the fall/winter). 

@MusgroveYYC, are you using Book with me (personal Bookings) or Service Bookings ? For service Bookings you can refer to Set Bookings scheduling policies | Microsoft Learn for checking the min lead time setting for your service. 

@Debasish_Thakur I use both, but as I said I am not sure which one (or if it was both) that was not respecting the policies I'd set. The place you are describing is where I had set my lead time etc but occasionally these settings were ignored and people are able to book within that lead time. 


Currently my Bookings seems to be working as intended, so I can't test the error. As I noted, the problem resolved itself after some time. Perhaps @TrixKix can comment on whether these settings have changed anything for them. 

@MusgroveYYC, min lead time can be defined both at business and service level. Please make sure, these are configured correctly in case you face this again.