Bookings NOT recognizing busy times

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Exactly what the title says. 


It seems to read the staff's availability set for each workday from the staff page, but NOT reading the staff's busy hours.


*Events on Office calendar affect availability is checked (from the assigned staff page)


And from the services page

*Booking when staff are free is checked



And from the "Calendar" page of the bookings - I can see that the staff is busy - let's say next Monday from 11 AM-4 PM (meaning the staff member has something else planned), but when I go to the booking page, it will still let people book the person during that time.


All our staff's events show up as is on both outlook desktop and outlook web.


I cannot seem to get through the Chabot to talk to a real person (I have tried for the past 15 minutes), so could anyone help me?


Thank you.




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@ALLisWell   I have the exact same issue.  Maybe a bug?

Ich hatte das Problem auch, konnte es aber wie folgt lösen: In Outlook unter DATEI > OPTIONEN > KALENDER > KALENDEROPTIONEN > Frei/Gebucht-Optionen die Berechtigungsstufe von MyOrganisation von KEINE auf KANN ANZEIGEN, WANN ICH BESCHÄFTIGT BIN ändern. Danach klappte es bei mir.

@Anja_K This fixed my issue. Thank you!