Bookings not recognising Free/Busy time

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I just set up Bookings and did a test to see if an existing busy appointment would be recognised and prevent booking during those hours. It permitted a conflicting appointment. Does Bookings take a while to sync busy/free time or is there some other kind of issue here?

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This is something that the Bookings team has been working on and is in the process of rolling out to the customers.  Check the uservoice forum for more details.

The integration of Microsoft Bookings with your Office 365 personal calendars should be live now and ready to use in both the web and the app. Please give it a try and let us know of any feedback.

@Chandresh Jain - Hello - I just setup Bookings but am having this same problem - nothing from my Office 365 Outlook is showing on my Bookings calendar as Busy, it's all just blank and Available, leading to conflicting appointments be set. I see this was supposed fixed 3 years ago - is there something I need to enable somewhere to allow this integration?

Hi @REDzero5  - Sorry you are having issues.

Could you please confirm a couple of things?


1. You are one of staff members selected to be able to perform the services - This means that when you go to "Services", in the "Assigned staff" your name is there.
Bookings 2.png

2. Your Office 365 account you use in Outlook and the account used to access Bookings are the same

3. In "Staff", when you edit your name/user, the box for "Events on Office calendar affect availability"
Bookings 1.png


Looking forward to hearing from you.




@Gabriel Valdez Malpartida Hi!  I am using Bookings and I have checked all of these things.  It still allows students to book time when my Outlook calendar says I am busy.  Can you please help?



y@REDzero5   Hi! Did you get any help with this?

@Chandresh Jain  My Bookings is allowing students to book when I have appointments marked as "busy" on my outlook calendar

@Gabriel Valdez Malpartida - I have the exact same problem. All of my settings match what you have in the screenshots. When I make changes to free/busy info and when I try to add a staff member to a service, it does not save.

Hi @Gabriel Valdez Malpartida,

I have also got the exact same issue as others have reported, and my settings match what you showed in screenshot. 


Do staff need to "re-authorize" bookings to access their calendar? My company is making users change their AD/O365 password at a certain interval, so wondered if that could cause some kind of conflict?


@amysj    I am having the same issue.  It works for my calendar free/busy  -I created the Booking Page and I am a Bookings admin.  However, it does not pull free/busy for "staff" members I assigned who are licensed (E3) members of the organization.

Ich hatte das Problem auch, konnte es aber wie folgt lösen: In Outlook unter DATEI > OPTIONEN > KALENDER > KALENDEROPTIONEN > Frei/Gebucht-Optionen die Berechtigungsstufe von MyOrganisation von KEINE auf KANN ANZEIGEN, WANN ICH BESCHÄFTIGT BIN ändern. Danach klappte es bei mir.

@@EmilyB195 I had the same problem. In my case I use Outlook for Desktop. They way I resolved it was by going to my calendar in Outlook for Desktop that is synced with 365. Right clicked the calendar, went into properties, then permissions tab. For the Default user I modified the Read settings to Free/Busy time. Bookings immediately removed my existing calendar appointments from availability.