Bookings not including audio dial-in

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All of a sudden I have a Bookings site where their Teams meetings are not including audio dial-in information.  Other Booking sites create the nice looking formatted Teams invite for the Staff, just like you'd see in a regular scheduled Teams meeting.  This site is shows this horrible looking, almost plain text invite and it contains no dial-in information like your standard Teams meeting.


It's very odd. Anybody seen that before?  It's not a licensing issue as all our users are licensed for Audio Conferencing. I'm at a loss as there doesn't seem to be any setting messed up.

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@Christopher Neuendorf, apologies for the trouble caused here. Are you seeing this issue only with appointments created from the booking page? Are events created from the calendar Bookings also affected?
Yep, it was happening from the bookings page. The booking page admin turned off the option to include a teams meeting, saved it, then turned it back on and it fixed itself until today when it is now happening again.

@davisjr Here is a screenshot of meetings booked two days apart, one is formatted correctly with the Teams info, the 2nd one is not.  The 2nd one is still a Teams meeting, but when you launch it, there is never an option to dial into the meeting.



@Christopher Neuendorf 

I've also had the same issue... the issue has started with one booking page and another... please share with me if you've had any resolutions for the issue.





I've noticed that if I created appointments manually via the back-end, the appointment will include the dial-in # and the format of the invite is fine.
I am having the same issue. No Dial-in but only for Bookings. Regular meetings include the dial-in info.
Hi - Microsoft has reverted the codes that caused the issue around noon yesterday. Should start to see issues resolved on new appointments, existing ones may still have issues.