Bookings - No Notification for Reschedule and no calendar sync

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We are experiencing issues with the reschedule-feature in MS Bookings.

Issue: If customers reschedules an appointment, the staff gets no notification and the appointment in outlook calendar is not updated.



We received the notifications before. We first experienced this issue this week.

One workaround for the missing notification is checking the box, that the company receives notifications for new and changed appointments. But this does not influence the syncing error.



The syncing works fine if we reschedule the appointment via bookings page.

The syncing does not work if the customer reschedules the appointment via the link in the appointment.

On the customer side, everything is syncing fine.


The screenshot below shows the issue recreated in a test-case.




Does anyone have a solution or is experiencing similar issues?


Thanks in advance,


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@NL1337 I'm experiencing the same issue and with the same conclusions as you've shown in the test case. 

The only work around I've found to force a sync is to do the following;


After the admin gets email saying there has been a change, find the booking on the booking site ,

click it>edit >Update booking - this will update the sync.


It's a clunky work around with a further downside that the customer gets an unnecessary update email too.

Following. We are experiencing the same issue.

@NL1337 following! Same issues here. 

It would appear the syncing issue has been resolved.
I've run a few of tests today to confirm. However, I don't seem to be getting any notifications of changers..
Anyone else?


I have the same problem and found out that when a booking is updated, Bookings is not providing the new StartTime and EndTime, but the initially booked StartTime and EndTime.


Here the booking has been changed to 9.9.2023 12:00


In PowerAutomate, the initally booked StartTime and EndTime are being used:


It seems that Bookings is not sending the correct data when a booking is updated.

@ All: Sad (but kind of happy aswell) to hear that we're not the only ones.


@LiamFlen thanks for the workaround! It sure is clunky, but hey. It's something.

Haven't been able to check it. Will check it next week in detail.


Microsoft and especially Bookings kind of have a history of "spooky new problems" followed by undocumented bug-fixes. Maybe Redmond hired a few Ghostbuster. :flushed:


@ptstockley2 thank you for your contribution to further drilling down the problem. Will have a look next week and see if it persists. Maybe until then the notification issue is gone as well.

Having the same issue since the beginning of September here.

In a test today, this issue seems to be solved. The updated StartTime and EndTime appears in the PowerAutomate flow and the calendar event changes as expected. How about in your Bookings system?

@ptstockley2 : Checked again today (busy weeks). It's back to normal and working as expected.

But sadly the once broken appointments do not seem to be "re-synced" now that everything is back to normal.

Still have a few miss-synced entries in there, so I will just sit 'em out.

Thanks all.



Thread closed.

@LiamFlen This has just starting happening on our calendar now and your work around doesn't seem to work anymore.  I can't seem to find anything that works.

Experiencing the same issue since a few weeks

I just figured out I have this issue as well.

Following. Experiencing this issue as of recently, with no workaround.

Following for any possible future workarounds


. This bug only just started for us except our business organisation isn't getting the updated notification. Currently I am trying to manually find on outlook a changed booking because we have the initial booking, I could see it. No update notification to either the staff member or the business. I don't know if the booking has been cancelled or just moved.