Bookings No Longer Working - Calendar Greyed Out

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Up until yesterday, my bookings app was working seamlessly with my Outlook calendar and Teams.  Overnight that has changed, and now if you click on my link and select a service, the full month of December is grey.  I've tried a variety of things (such as making sure Staff settings align with Business settings which align with services).  That said, I'm open to any suggestions because now that I've used it for 3 months I want to continue doing so.  I've even tried to make sure my permissions are correct in Outlook 365 Calendar.  Here is a screen shot of what the month of December currently looks like yet when I'm in the bookings calendar it shows my availability.




Appreciate any help any of you can provide!  Thank you so much!


- Becky

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@Becky_G_CFS We are experiencing the same issue, following.

@Becky_G_CFS @kathyboo 


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Microsoft usually rolls out updates the second Tuesday of the month. And, you guessed it, yesterday was the second Tues.


I recommended contacting MS Support and reporting the issue. I suspect a fix will be available sooner than later. Don't give up on MS Bookings yet. 


Please update this thread with any new information that will help others experiencing the same problem. 


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@Becky_G_CFS Can you check if the minimum lead time is changed to a longer duration by any chance? The availability is showing up for couple of days towards the end of December and for few days in January as well. So, it's likely because the minimum lead time is changed due to which the slots are not showing up for earlier days.


Minimum lead time can be configured at Bookings page level and also at service level, please check at both places to confirm the expected behavior.