Bookings - new meeting entries does not work with Teams desktop

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Hi everyone,


we are using Bookings to book the IT helpdesk. This worked fine half a year now.

But the new Meeting entries created for our internal customers are garbage.


The first link refers to a mobile web join? how often will that be the case. 



When i try to join from Outlook (nothing happens) or directly from Teams i get this:


Switch it back please or tell me how i can do that.


Or i will get calls about getting a helpdesk call ;)




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Is this a tenant problem?
As no one else seems to have that problem...

@StephanGee -- same problem here. 

This was our first time using the Add Online Meeting option in a service via Microsoft Bookings. We have experienced 2 problems

  • Can only start and host meeting in the Microsoft Teams web version, the meeting link will not open in Microsoft Teams desktop app, even though booking/online meeting are visible in staff members calendar in Microsoft Teams Desktop App.
  • If staff members on the existing booking are changed, the new staff member on the booking cannot start the meeting as host. It forces everyone (staff and customers) into the lobby waiting for meeting to start. This problem even occurred for the Booking site administrator when they assigned themselves as the staff member to the service/booking.
People are always clicking the first link and join with the browser instead of Teams.
Is there no product manager of Bookings in here? This is a recent change.

If Bookings is only used in the organization - why should i join with a mobile browser on my phone?!


Do you have more insights why this invite has been changed without notice?

Every day i have colleagues complaining that it opened up in the browser and not the client.
Wasting 2-5 minutes per call because they need to get the settings right. Change it back!
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Hello All,

We have mitigated this bug with a fix from Bookings side. This fix should be available soon.




@Aswin940 Thanks Aswin.

Is there any page i can see open incidents/bugs?

Unfortunately we do not have any that can be shared externally

Its basically march 1st tomorrow and no fix. I am also having this issue with my whole entire organization. I work for corporate, 10,000 plus. Is there an update to this yet? users@Aswin940 

did your issue get resolved yet? I am having the same problem since january!
hi Shakib,

Please note the meeting issue is fixed. This fix was enabled world wide on Feb 18. So all appointments created post Feb 18 will not have this issue.

For appointments created prior to this, please use the following workaround:
For the existing appointments you can join the Teams meeting either by clicking the join link from confirmation email or the Teams link from the calendar invite (not the join button).


 It is still not working. I am having the same issue listed above @Aswin940 

I am having the issue where the staff and the attendees who add the appointment to their Teams calendar go to one Teams meeting room, and any attendee that use the link in their email go to a different Teams meeting room. This is a newer issue since the end of February.
This is not good, @Aswin940 any way you can help us? I work for a corporate environment where we have 1000+ users and bookings is often used
We still have the issue. It is still creating an invite with mobile device users first.
@StephanGee - are you continuing to see the "Unable to join" error for the mobile join link? Or this is more about the preference for having links open in the Teams client for internal usecases.
The second part. I did not have the first problem.
We are only having internal use cases at the moment.
Something like "If org only then this invite" would be great. And also - users are logged in with username and mail automatically.
I am having this issue as well, did you ever find a resolution?

I noticed that it mostly happened when the appointment was pre-inputted into the bookings calendar with no sign ups, then customer sign up for that appointment at a later date,  but did not occur if there was no appointment inputted before the first sign up [where the first customer sign up created the appointment].

My solution was to no longer have an automatically generated Teams appointment for group meetings, but another solution would be to have another staff member sign up using the customer sign up bookings page to "create the appointment" instead of doing it on the back end. @robcampbell1375 

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Hello All,

We have mitigated this bug with a fix from Bookings side. This fix should be available soon.




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