Bookings modification/rename from a copy

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I have a department on campus who created a booking site, and then copied it, and made some changes to the copy. They decided they wanted to delete the original and keep the copy, so I went thru and did some re-naming here and there on the bookings site, but there are still a few things that are still pointing to the copy, specifically it looks like the calendar and email address may still be pointing to the booking site with the word copy in the name. When I try to make any changes, I get an error message "The updated business information couldn't be saved. Please try again" but I am unaware of any restrictions or anything in place for this. 


When I look at the Bookings page the URL is:


I think this is the underlying issue. I am thinking we need to delete this booking site, and re-create it from scratch with the correct information, but that seems like the sledgehammer method, I want to make sure I am not missing something.


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@rwhickerrobesonedu the booking page email cannot be changed once the page is created. However, you should be able to change the name from business information. If you are hitting any error here, can you please capture an HAR and create a support ticket with it so that we can debug this further?



I've got the same issue. I cloned an existing calendar and now the URL says[clonedcalendaryname]


In the business information settings, I can change settings all day long, and the URL doesn't change. Now it looks like I have to create this from scratch just to remove it. The email address as well - it's not a great experience if someone needs to use it and it doesn't match up with the topic of the booking.