Bookings Mobile app crashes on start-up on Intune-managed Android 10 devices

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We're trying to deploy Bookings in our company and found that the mobile app doesn't run on Intune-managed Android 10 devices. When a user tries to launch the app the first time after the installation, they see a "Get Access" screen with all listed items checking out in green, then the user is asked for authentication (fingerprint or PIN), then the app shuts down. If they don't authenticate correctly, they'll get a turquoise "At a glance" screen with a SIGN IN prompt at the bottom. When they click that sign in link, the app also crashes. On all subsequent attempts to launch the app, it immediately crashes. Uninstall and reinstall does not fix the issue. The app is installed in the work profile and installed from the managed Google Play Store.


On our Android 9 devices the app runs fine.


Support hasn't been able to resolve this issue for us and seems to think the issue is with our devices or our MAM configuration.


Are others with Intune-managed Android 10 devices successful in using the mobile app?

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@Kreera House Same issue here on iOS.  Intune Managed device with MAM policies.  User can sign into the app, app becomes protected and closes.  Upon reopening, immediate app crash.

We dropped support of the mobile app and told users to use the web browser when using a mobile device since support wasn't able to identify and resolve the issue for us. That said, I just tried it for the first time in about a year on the same Android 10 device as when I posted the above and it now works using the version from June 2021. I also asked one of our iOS users and he was able to run the app and access a site using iOS 14.7.1. So, we don't seem to have an issue now. If you're on the latest version, you will want to open a support case with Microsoft Support.