Bookings management reports or ability to extract data

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We are looking at implementing bookings and could not easily find a way to produce management reports showing appointments for each person, length of appointment, etc.  Is there a way to either produce a usage report or extract the data into a csv file?

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Jan, Were you able to find anything out regarding this? It's a bit crazy that there is no Microsoft presence on these forums to answer's been a few months without even a reply.

Hi Jan - Thanks for your interest in Bookings and your question.

Bookings has limited capabilities for reporting, and does it only on a rolling 30 days for the entire business not per staff member.

We are working to make our reporting better and you can support this idea in UserVoice by upvoting it.


Does this idea is already being pushed to develop? So that i will be able to tell our management to use this application. Because i think in order for them to agree we would need a better way of generating the reports from this feature. It is really great to have this. 

Have a look at my post on this thread for a workaround for now.

Thanks Geoff. I will take a look deeper into it. Does it have the ability to export all users at once? It seems as though it is a "one off" solution for now. If need be, I can prob make that work, but will need to either build a Dash api or have something else in the pipeline. Thanks for your insight!

Hi Jerome, did you manage to get the dash API running? been looking around but cant find much in terms of steps 

No...I haven't been able to find enough info, and I am def not an API developer. They added the ability to export, but there were some issues and it has since been removed. We really need it for some of our reports and it is very difficult to continue using it without this option.

Agreed that this is really frustrating! After numerous hours on the phone, my support ticket about the export was eventually closed as a "known issue". As Jerome says the option to Export the data then disappeared for a while but is now back and still doesn't work!